Monday, June 27, 2011


Briar & Patch will be approaching the 3000 fan mark soon!  So, I've decided to host a rodeo (giveaway)!!  My business has went way above my expectations since opening in January!  Now that all of you have been fantastic fans/customers, we will celebrate!

What are the rules for becoming a vendor?

(1)  Item(s) must be completely free
(2)  Shipping must be free to US and Canada
(3)  No gift certificates/coupons/% off
(4)  Only (2) of each Direct Sales Companies (Thirty One, Scentsy, Etc.)
(5)  Must have a facebook fanpage or blog

What information do I need to email?

(1)  Photo of Freebie
(2)  Name and Description of Item
(3)  Item Value
(4)  Business Name
(5)  Business URL

Where do I send the info?

Send the above info and any questions to

When 3000 fans are reach, I will open the album for fans to enter.  The fans will enter through google docs and must be a fan of Briar & Patch Boutique and the vendor page to become eligible for the prize.  I will be promoting this on my page and ask that you do the same.  I also have a few other pages that will be promoting this.

Let's have fun and play nice!!

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